DeKalb County’s oldest town (Liberty) is also one of its most scenic. Revolutionary War veteran Adam Dale first settled the area in 1797. He built a mill on the Smith Fork Creek and founded the town in 1804. The scenic splendor of the surrounding fields, hills and hollows has changed relatively little since those days.

Much of the area along Main Street enjoys protection as a National Historic District encompassing a mix of buildings and structures from each chapter in the town’s rich history. Landmarks include the old Liberty High School, built of native limestone, and the Salem Baptist Church and cemetery, the final resting place for generations of those who have proudly called this place home. DeKalb County’s last Indian battle was fought within the city limits near where the Clear Fork flows into Smith Fork creek. Decades later, soldiers in blue and gray fought several skirmishes along nearby streets.

Once a thriving, self-sustaining municipality, today Liberty has matured into a quiet bedroom community characterized by its many friendly faces, comfortable sidewalks for an easy stroll and a congenial sense of place. Most residents commute to work in nearby cities and towns; even Nashville is within a little more than an hour’s drive away.

The community is also home to those who live in town as well as on land, lots or farms in the surrounding area. If interested in a lot, house, or farm here, search by Liberty or the town’s zip code, 37095.