DeKalb County

By last census count, more than 18,000 reside in DeKalb County, its principal towns of Smithville, Alexandria, Liberty and Dowelltown, and rural communities like Temperance Hall, Keltonburg, Belk, Snows Hill, Blue Springs and Cherry Valley. Residents take great pride in the scenic beauty found in every corner of the county, and especially Center Hill Lake, a recreational resource for all who cherish the great outdoors.

Situated approximately 60 miles southeast of Nashville and easily accessible from Lebanon by Interstate 40 or U.S. Highway 70, the county is also traversed by several north-south roadways: State Route 96 which provides a direct link to Murfreesboro; State Highway 53 which links the county with I-40 to the north through Alexandria or to Woodbury in Cannon County to the South; and State Route 56, a direct road to McMinnville in Warren County and also linking Smithville to Silver Point and I-40.

The county is named for Baron Johann DeKalb, a Bavarian general who provided critical support to the patriots in the American Revolution. Some tracts of land in the area were originally granted as pensions to veterans of that war. Allegiances tilted both North and South during the War Between the States and residents endured periods of occupation by soldiers or sympathizers to both armies over the course of the Civil War. The major engagement here, The Battle of Snows Hill, involved as many 4000 soldiers. It is commemorated with a historical marker along Highway 70 just east of Dowelltown, near the base of Snows Hill.

Family farms were a fixture of the area along the Caney Fork River until the construction of Center Hill Dam by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to create Center Hill Lake. Subsequent generations have gradually moved off the farms, allowing many acres which were farmed a few decades ago to be reclaimed as forest or divided into smaller tracts for new homes. Today’s residents are as likely to be employed at one of the businesses, factories or stores which fuel the local economy as they are to commute to larger cities within driving distance including Cookeville, Lebanon, Murfreesboro, McMinnville and Nashville.

Homeowners enjoy some of the lowest property taxes in the state and pay no state income tax. Their health care needs are met by the modern facilities of the highly-rated DeKalb Community Hospital, as well as exemplary retirement facilities at NHC’s Smithville nursing care facility and the Webb House retirement home. Two local newspapers, the weeklies Smithville Review and Middle Tennessee Times, as well as local radio station WJLE keep citizens informed and entertained. The county boasts a full roster of churches of many denominations as well as community and civic organizations dedicated to the distinct needs of area children, adults and seniors.

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