The 800-plus citizens of Alexandria are proud to boast of themselves and their town. “Home of the Finest Folks on Earth” welcome sign greets visitors on their approach along Highway 70 from nearby Watertown. It’s a claim rooted in the distinct sense of community and belonging which defines the area and residents.

Situated at the western end of DeKalb County, the town is easily accessible from Lebanon along Highway 70 or I-40 and destinations east and west from Highway 53 as it heads north out of town. Residents truly have the best of both worlds: commuting to nearby cities or Nashville for work by day, then back home for the peace and security of small town living by night.

The town’s history stretches all the way back to the early 1800’s, but it wasn’t formally founded until 1820. It wasn’t too many years later, in 1856, when the first DeKalb County fair was held on the Alexandria Fairgrounds. That tradition continues with the fair now designated the “Grandpa Fair of the South” – the longest running county fair in the region. This mid summer event, with its combination of exhibits and amusements, invites everyone to share in Alexandria’s rich sense of community.

The fairgrounds, just a short walk across Hickman Creek from the block-long downtown square, also hold another page of history. Confederate General John Hunt Morgan’s Kentucky raiders embarked on their famous foray into Ohio from here after weeks of restful encampment at the fairgrounds in 1863.

The traces of that army have long faded. Today the town is characterized by older homes which line its many streets, newer houses and several small subdivisions. Just outside the city limits, there’ s still some farmland to be found. But, as in other areas of DeKalb and surrounding counties, older farms are slowly being divided into smaller lots which make the perfect setting for a new home. To see what’s available, search the MLS by the town names or zip codes, but for real insight call or contact us right away at Center Hill Realty.